Finishing Services


(Encapsulated and Film)

To protect and add life to your precious documents, get them encapsulated or film laminated.

Encapsulation covers your documents in a 150 micron thick, transparent gloss or matte plastic giving them protection and making them more rigid. Encapsulated items are weather proof, making them ideal for outside or inside use, and holes can be included to enable the possibility for suspension with ropes or zip ties. Film lamination uses a much lighter material that doesn’t make the end product more rigid. It’s ideal for giving your business cards and book covers added protection and a light gloss.

Book Binding

(Coil, Wire, Plastic, Saddle Stitch & Perfect Bind)

Bring your publication together and give it the perfect cover with one of our many book binding options.

We offer:

  • Coil binding – also known as comb binding, coil binding is perfect for building site specifications, exam study notes, manuals and other daily booklets.
  • Wire binding – ready in a flash and very presentable, wire binding is great for school assignments, portfolios, presentation booklets and much more.
  • Saddle Stitching – more elegant than wire binding, saddle stitching gives a light-weight finish popular for books, catalogues, magazines and anything you might want to send in the mail.
  • Perfect binding – superior in quality and sophistication, perfect binding is the preferred choice for coffee table books, theses and larger manuals for its impressive look.

Sizes for wire binding and coil binding include A6, A5, A4 and the short side of A3. For saddle stitching, we offer A3 folded to an A4 booklet, A4 folded to an A5 booklet and A5 folded to an A6 booklet, and for perfect binding we offer A4, A5 and A6 portrait books with a maximum width of 220mm.


Customised notepads, memo pads, coupon pads, flyer pads, shopping lists, forms, anything you need a tear-away pad for, we can print for you.

Getting a tear-away pad with your business’s logo printed on it can provide you with advertisement that is both inexpensive and keeps you at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Tear-away business forms can be stored neatly, and are great for taking to trade shows and exhibitions or even at your reception where loose-leaf versions could make your booth or office look messy and unprofessional.

Scanning & Storage

(A4 to A0)

Scan your plans, documents and more and store them digitally for safe and organised keeping that is greatly reduced in size.

Digital archiving of your documents and records offers numerous advantages to your business:

  • Safe – Paper documents are subject to the elements; they can be easily damaged by temperature or humidity and run a greater risk of loss in unexpected circumstances such as theft or fire.
  • Organised – All files saved digitally are named and archived into folders that you can search through much more efficiently than bulky paper documentation. Important information pertaining to those documents is also included; this is perfect for the digital storing of architectural plans.
  • Quality – Our scanners scan up to 914mm wide in colour in black and white and can be saved as PDF, TIFF or JPEG files at a maximum of 600dpi, which ensures that your documents come out looking crisp with maximum quality.
  • Compact – You can store a lot more information in a much smaller space, so you can eliminate costly storerooms.

Foam Block Mounting

(5mm / 10-20mm with edging)

A great alternative to framing your images is mounting them to foam blocks.

To get a sophisticated, minimalist look that doesn’t detract from your beautiful photos, you can get your images mounted to foam blocks and make them the centre of attention. Foam blocks are light weight, making them easy to hang anywhere around the house and easy to relocate. We offer a choice of 5, 10 or 20mm thick foam boards that can be cut to a wide range of custom sizes. To finish it off, we give the edges a black or white finish to make it a beautifully refined piece of art.

Hard PVC Block Mounting

(3mm & 5mm)

Got an exhibition coming up? Get your artwork mounted to hard PVC so that it remains the focal point and travels well.

Just like foam block mounting, hard PVC block mounting provides your photos and artwork with a sophisticated look that doesn’t detract from what you want viewers to see, as well as protecting them from potential damage in transit. PVC block mounts come in thicknesses of 3mm or 5mm and can be cut to a wide range of sizes.