POS & Outdoor Signage

Roll Up Banners

Roll up banners are perfect advertising for when you’re on the go. Easy to pack away and portable, you can take roll up banners to any booth, festival, convention or event to draw in a spectacular crowd.

We offer standard, professional and premium banners in paper types of 150gsm contrast with wax print (CMYK & BW) or 250 micron synthetic with ink print (CMYK), so you can get the banner that best suits your needs! Talk to us about the different stand types for each banner that you can get. Roll up banners come in a standard size of 841mm x 2000mm, but we can also print banners up to 1000mm x 2200mm on request.

Hanging Banners

Hanging banners are perfect for short-term or long-term promotion use in store, and are easy to store for later use.

We offer two types of printing for hanging banners: wax and ink. Wax printing can be done in CMYK and B&W on 80gsm bond, 160gsm matte and 150gsm contrast, and gives you an entirely water proof banner. Ink printing can be done in CMYK and B&W on 180gsm matte or 135gsm synthetic, and while it isn’t water proof like the wax printing, it works on a 6 colour process making it ideal for pictures with extra tone and depth.

Hanging banners have a standard portrait size of 841mm x 1700mm, but you can get a fully customised hanging banner of up to 3 metres in length.

Contact us for more information on making your customised hanging banners.
banner we can provide is 1400mm x 3000mm.

LED Light Boxes

Shine a light on your business by using LED Light Boxes to advertise.

LED light boxes give you more creative possibilities for advertising and are fantastic at getting the attention of potential customers. We at TDC3 use light boxes specially developed by Swedish company Matrix-Systems. We offer 3 standard sizes that have a lead time of 2 weeks, which are:

  • Small – 265mm x 425mm for $220.00 plus GST
  • Medium – 700mm x 1200mm for $595.00 plus GST
  • Large – 840mm x 1700mm for $880.00 plus GST

As well as custom sizes up to 3000mm x 2200mm with a lead time of 4 weeks (conditions apply).

Vinyl Banners with eyelets

(indoor & outdoor)

Vinyl banners have been used for decades to advertise businesses, sports, festivals, you name it! And the technology for printing with it just keeps getting better and better!

Just like aluminium, vinyl is an extremely versatile and durable material perfect for long-lasting signage. One difference between them is that vinyl banners can be easily hung, moved and stored, so they’re great for temporary use on the go as well as long-term installment.

Aluminium Signs

Aluminium is an extremely versatile material that is perfect for long-lasting, beautiful signage.

Perfect for use outdoors and indoors, we use aluminium to make signs because it is available in many prepared colours, highly durable, cost effective, light weight, easy to cut and doesn’t rust. We also provide you with rivets for your aluminium sign, so installation is a breeze. The options with aluminium are endless.