Small Format

Colour Printing

The colour choices are endless, and so are our range of paper stocks and printing methods, so you can get the beautiful print job you need.

We have a wide variety of equipment to give you a great range of printing options. Single or double-sided prints with oversize for bleed mean that you can print all the way to the edge to eliminate those white edges around your documents. Our wide range of paper stocks lets you choose the card stock that best suits your printing needs to give off a truly professional look. Not only that, but colour printing isn’t only limited to paper. We have alternative printing options, so you can print CD labels and much more!

Get in contact with us to find out what file types we accept, and then you can just email them to us or upload them to our website. Don’t forget to check out our extensive range of finishing services as well to get the highest quality possible!

Black & White Printing

If you need black and white high quality printing done fast, give us a call.

We can print large orders with quick turnaround, and our wide range of paper stock gives you a quality finished product. Great for books, journals and other publications, as well as any plans you need up to a maximum sheet size of 320mmx450mm. Check out our Large Format section to find out about printing something larger. Our wide range of finishing services including saddle stitching, cover insertion, stapling, folding, hole drilling and more to create the perfect publication for you. We even provide e-book services for a digital copy of your creation.

Clear & White Printing

Add elegance and depth to your business cards, invitations, brochures and more by adding in clear or white printed elements to your design.

Use our specialised printers to clear print a watermark to your printed products to get that element of subtle sophistication. The clear ink used creates an eye-catching effect that will make people admire the effort you’ve put into your design. Just like clear printing, white printing creates a striking effect perfect for use on a range of coloured paper. As well as pure white printing, we offer white gradient printing and CMYK printing layered on top of white printing to get amazing effects!

Clear and white printing was once an expensive and labourious process, but thanks to the advances of digital printing, this type of printing is much cheaper with no minimum amount to order. Clear and white printing is much more accessible than it used to be, and is a great way to make your print stand out!

Office Stationary

(Business Cards, With Comp, Letterheads)

Make a statement with personalised office stationary for your business.

We offer all kinds of office stationary printing including business cards, with compliments slips and letterheads to give your business that professional edge, and we have an expert graphics team at hand to help you present your business in the best way. Discuss your options for gsm, size and turnaround time for digital and offset printing with our experts and get exactly what you need.

Marketing material

(Flyers & Brochures)

Promote your business the right way with flyers, brochures, pamphlets and more.

To successfully promote your business you need the right marketing materials. Get them printed with us to be assured of high quality work that stands out. We also offer e-marketing and graphic design services to connect you to your target audience through professional layouts and strategy.

Reports and Training Manuals

Improve morale, communication, and employee knowledge by getting us to make your reports and training manuals.

A well laid out report with a fine finish can install trust in your stakeholders and improve morale overall. And training manuals are a must to give your employees the knowledge they need to do their jobs brilliantly and increase productivity.

NCR Books

NCR—No Carbon Required.

Get us to print NCR books that suit your business needs. Invoices, statements, purchase orders, applications and receipts, we can print all of these multi-copy pads and more.